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Music and aged care
Many aged care facilities are now using qualified music therapists to enhance the quality of life for older people in care, and this is to be commended. There is also plenty of evidence that the right music for certain people particularly those who have dementia is good therapy. Click here to read more

When we engage in enjoyable experiences, such as listening to our favourite music, the brain is stimulated to release specific chemicals which create a sense of happiness and wellbeing. For those living with Dementia and Alzheimer's it is essential that those who are responsible for their care, provide such happy moments. Here you will see why, as you watch the amazing change in the demeanour of an Alzheimer's sufferer, as she responds to music stimulus, and learn more about the science behind this response. Click here to read more

Music in Harmony with Person Centred Care
There's a quiet revolution happening in aged care. It's called Person Centred Care and according to Aged Care Music Resources' Graeme Pope it's a welcome and long-overdue way of thinking. Click here to read more

Barry Hall is now back on air with his new program 'Anything Goes'
In South Australia Barry Hall is a name synonymous with music and entertainment. After more than 30 years involvement in local radio and television as an announcer and musician Barry Hall takes to the airwave once again with his new program Anything Goes, aired on Hills Radio 88.9 FM every Monday from 12 noon through to 2:00PM Adelaide time (ACDT - GMT + 10.5 Hours). Click here to read more