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ACRC Submission 'The Case For Leisure And Lifestyle In Residential Aged Care'
This submission to the Australian Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety was uploaded by Graeme Pope Thursday, 30th July 2020. A downloadable PDF file 'THE CASE FOR LEISURE AND LIFESTYLE IN RESIDENTIAL CARE' can be accessed here. Click here to read more

Why Increasing Audits Won't Improve The Quality Of Aged Care
Absolutely correct! ... "You can't just keep putting more legislation and more rigorous checks on people." ... regulation may be necessary but it needs a commonsense approach to 'de clutter' the bureaucratic processes so staff can get on with the work they were engaged to do. Legislating behaviour never works. Click here to read more

The Green Book Music Collection
... Aged Care Music Resources Green Book Series provides an invaluable tool for community singing groups, seniors choirs and leisure and lifestyle programs in aged care. The three components of this collection: The Green Book CD Collection; The Green Large Print Song Book; and the Green Large Print Song Book Music Edition, combine to deliver a comprehensive resource to cater for the growth in choirs and singing groups nationwide. ... Click here to read more