Do you have Ulverscroft's Red and Blue Large Print Song Books in your aged care facility but neither a piano nor a pianist to provide the musical accompaniment?

With this unique collection those problems will be in the past.  

This video runs for about 3 minutes and will provide you with all the information you require to make an informative decision about this music resource.

Matched exactly to the song lists and lyrics in the popular Red and Blue Books by Ulverscroft, this superb two-volume collection will provide endless entertainment for your elderly residents and be a valuable addition to your aged care activities tool kit.

The Blue Book CD Collection has 7 CDs. The Red Book CD Collection has 12. That’s a total of 381 studio-recorded piano tunes all played and arranged with joy and life by Australian entertainer Barry Hall, OAM. 

Here are just some of the ways the collection can be used:


  • Group sing-alongs using the Red and Blue Song Books
  • Prompts for musical activities such as song-naming games and musical quizzes
  • Seated dance and movement-to-music programs
  • Bus excursions
  • Easy listening background music  




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