The Green Large Print Song Book Music Edition is the third and final component of the Aged Care Music Resources' popular Green Book series, which includes recorded music, lyrics and sheet music for most of the 200 much-loved songs from the 1950s, '60s and '70s recorded on the Green Book CD Collection.

Specifically developed to help aged care professionals cater to the Baby Boomer Generation, the Green Book series provides everything needed to deliver high value, varied and genuinely engaging lifestyle and activity sessions in the aged care environment.

As with every resource we create, this title has been crafted with utmost focus on quality and usability.

While the idea for this resource came from aged care professionals, it became a reality through the belief and efforts of a small but dedicated team of talented and incredibly hardworking people.

Of those people, my deepest gratitude goes to the wonderful and indefatigable Samantha Campbell who, despite being an octogenarian, did the bulk of the heavy lifting. Still singing and entertaining today, Samantha's entertainment credentials include performing on the Bobby Limb Show and entertaining troops in Vietnam in the 1960s, so she certainly knows music of the Baby Boomer era.

While Samantha had influence across the project, her main tast was to create the musical scores. Thanks to her deep knowledge of music theory, she was able to confine each tune to a single page by the use of her system of easily navigated colour-coded repeat signs. To make everything clear, Samantha then wrote a full description of the code as well as musical instructions and these are included in this book. Samantha's greatest wish for this manuscript is to provide easy read for accompanists in the elder residency or choir.

I also extend my thanks to Lynelle Fenner, an incredibly gifted pianist and musician who worked tirelessly on the vital role of playing and recording all 200 music tracks from the Green Book Collection so the musical notes could be converted to data.

We were also incredibly fortunate to receive permission to draw on the life's work of the late Don Smith who hand wrote the melody lines and chords to over 5000 songs. Within Don's vast collection we discovered 195 of our 200 tunes, which saved us an enormous amount of time and expense sourcing the music.

The important task of testing the sheet music was taken up by my great friend and colleague, Barry Hall OAM. A professional musician and seasoned entertainer, Barry was our recording artist on the Green Book CD Collection, so we were thrilled when he agreed to test and fine-tune the sheet music.

Putting this book together has been a long and arduous process, particularly when it came to obtaining the legal rights to publish the individual works. Thank you to all the publishers for their support in obtaining these rights, in particular Robert Griffin from Hal leonard in Melbourne, Australia. Robert, your assistance was invaluable.

Graeme Pope


Aged Care Music Resources